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World of Warcraft Alexstrasza Dragon Form Youtooz Figurine


This is a pre-order product and is not available to ship until December 2024.

Behold, the power gifted by the Titans!

The dragon incarnation of Alexstrasza stands proudly at 9.7cm, poised on four sturdy clawed legs with her wings unfurled. Her vibrant red scales, complemented by a lighter pink underside, are accentuated by ornate golden jewelry adorning her wrists and horns.

A delicate fin runs down her chest, while her golden eyes mirror the gleam of her accessories. Short spikes adorn her head, leading down to a robust tail tipped with spikes.

The windowed display box features a dramatic illustration of the dragon's silhouette against a backdrop of blazing ruins. Outside, the packaging depicts her imposing shadow amidst towering rocks and flames. Inside, the iconic map of Azeroth sets the scene, with the figure visible through a clear window.

This collectible comes with a matte, embossed outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector.

Pre-order items are excluded from any promotions and not eligible for discounts using a promo code.

  • 9.7cm Tall
  • Vinyl Plastic
  • .13 kgs
  • Officially Licensed