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World of Warcraft Sylvanas 1:3 Scale Bust

£500.00 £300.00
Infinity Studio and Blizzard are honoured to present our latest creation from world-famous franchise World of Warcraft: 1:3 Scale Sylvanas Windrunner Bust! Infinity Studio's Sylvanas Bust captures the essence of this most iconic character in this 38cm statue. The head sculpt was refined to bring the dignity of - the Banshee Queen - as well as an ultimate likeness. Carved armour with extremely realistic texture is reflected by detailed painting. The amazing reliefs on the base show her epic origin: from the ranger-general of Silvermoon killed by Arthas to become the ruler of the Undercity. Infinity Studio and Blizzard forged our passion with our high-quality craftwork into this bust.  Photos are from early production samples,  statue  may have slight variance.

  • 38 x 18 x 20 cm
  • 5 kgs
  • Polystone, PVC
  • Hand-Painted
  • Officially Licensed